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#1 Pressure Washing In Huntsville

ProRinse Property Solutions is the number one pressure washing company in Huntsville, AL thanks to our professional team constantly yielding outstanding results for our clients! We take pride in our work and produce results that will increase your home's curb appeal.

We are always paying attention to every detail to ensure we do a thorough job that meets our client's needs, and we promise that you will be satisfied with our services. Our goal is to make your property look more appealing and to ensure long-lasting structural integrity so you can proudly enjoy your home for longer.

What ProRinse Property Solutions Can Offer

Free Estimates

Free Estimates

Professional & Reliable

Professional & Reliable

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment


Cities We Proudly Wash

We are happy to offer our excellent pressure washing services in many cities in Alabama. You can contact us at 256-289-2420 if you live in the following cities:

Residential Washing Services

Our top-of-the-line pressure washing equipment can get any job done and will leave all parts of your property spotless. We do house washing services from the roof of your house to the fence at the edge of the lawn, and we remove every square inch of dirt in between.

Our goal at ProRinse Property Solutions when washing in residential areas is to increase the homes' curb appeal and remove any dirt, grime, and debris that might impact the structural integrity overall.

Your home is most likely your most valuable asset and where you spend most of your time. We want to ensure the value of your home stays intact so that you can enjoy your home for as long as possible, and our washing services can make that happen!


Commercial Washing Services

We happily provide our pressure washing services for commercial clients. If you own a business such as a store, we can ensure your satisfaction by removing all dirt and debris built up over time.

Our expert cleaning services help prevent damage from dangerous buildups such as algae and mold by thoroughly removing it from the exterior, and this will help ensure that the building lasts as long as your business!


What Are Those Black Streaks On My Roof In Huntsville?

If you've noticed black streaks or stains on your roof, it's possible it could just be dirt, but it is also likely a type of algae called gloeocapsa magma that could be very damaging. These algae can eat away the roof material and cause loose shingles and leaky roofs.

No matter how long the dirt or algae has been on your roof, our top-of-the-line equipment can remove it to help prevent further damage.

Pressure Washing Articles

  • Storefront Washing To Make Your Business Beautiful

    Your Huntsville business will look outstanding after our pressure washing, and your patrons will feel so welcomed! Schedule a storefront cleaning with us here at ProRinse Property Solutions to beautify your building and make your business even more attractive! Pressure washing will be beneficial to your storefront […]

  • Our Essential Brick Cleaning Service

    If you have brick surfaces on any area of your Huntsville property, schedule our pressure washing services today to make sure they're spotless. Our brick cleaning is done with the best equipment and a team of reliable professionals who do expert work. No matter the size of […]

Pressure Washing Articles
Trust Our Process & See Our Results

Trust Our Process & See Our Results Check It Out!

High Quality Roof Cleaning in Huntsville Alabama

High Quality Roof Cleaning in Huntsville Alabama

On this project we were called out to do a roof cleaning in Huntsville along with the gutters and some other areas. You can see from the before/after picture the black streaks that were on the roof prior, and in the after you can see we […]

Top Tier residential pressure washing performed in Huntsville Alabama

Top Tier residential pressure washing performed in Huntsville Alabama

This customer had contacted us to do a residential pressure washing in Huntsville, upon arrival we saw that the concrete driveway and sidewalks had not been cleaned in a long time. We started the cleaning process by blowing any debris and small rocks off the concrete. […]

Frequently Asked Questions — Answered By ProRinse Property Solutions

Yes! We work with all sorts of clients, from residential to commercial. If you manage a business and need a storefront, building, or dumpster pad cleaned, we can remove any dirt and grime built up on your establishment over time.

Large tasks are no problem for us here at ProRinse Property Solutions. Our equipment—combined with our expertise—will guarantee a thorough cleaning wherever you need it. Be sure to check out our Commercial Pressure Washing page for more information.

Absolutely. Even if your patio is hidden away in your backyard, it's a principal part of your home as much as your front porch. Your patio is where you host memorable events, and only the closest people in your life—family and friends that you invite into your home regularly—are the ones who will see it.

With your patio being so integral, it should be taken care of like the rest of your home. We will gladly take care of your patio and make it shine with our pressure washing services so it stands out for the better.

Not only does pressure washing your patio make it look more appealing, but letting dirt and grime sit on it can cause damage and decay, no matter the material. To ensure the longevity of such an important space, check out our Patio Cleaning page and schedule us to clean it!

Definitely! A roof keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and protects you from the elements 24/7. Dirt and debris buildup can eat away at the materials of your roof, causing it to lose structural integrity.

Our exterior washing services will ensure that your roof lasts as long as it possibly can by removing the buildup of harmful materials. For more information, please visit our Roof Cleaning page to learn why you should schedule our services.

Of course! We use top-of-the-line equipment that will get even the oldest, deepest stains out of the pavement.

No matter how long the stain has been in the pavement or what caused it, we can guarantee a clean finish when we're done.

For more information on why you should schedule our services for your pavement stain removal, please head over to our Stain Removal page.

For all of your pressure washing needs in Huntsville, give us a call at 256-289-2420!

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